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We’re answering some of our most commonly asked questions.


What does no markup mean for Triad’s clients?

No markup means, no markup. Often, we manage our client’s budget to help make the best decision possible to achieve their objectives and financial parameters. We take a no markup approach to allow for transparency and simplicity in everything we do. Our clients always know where their dollars are allocated, no matter how large or small the event. If there’s an event bill that’s $500, our clients pay $500, nothing more.


How do you work with your clients?

As event experts, our clients need support ranging from strategy and planning to on-site execution and fulfillment. Whatever our clients need as it relates to events, we can help them get there. We always start a project by understanding our client’s objectives, so we can provide our expertise in the right areas.


What do you bring to the table?

For event strategy and execution, we can help our clients with as much or as little is needed. We bring 60+ years of experience across 200+ events in 42 cities around the world. Our experience is vast and so are our clients.


Why do you do what you do?

Each person on our team loves creation and collaboration; it’s part of the DNA of our company. The idea of creating a meaningful and successful event out of an empty space excites us. We love and appreciate that many of our clients are those who year-after-year allow us to help them plan their corporate events, meetings, or trade shows.


Is it cool to get to travel for your job?

Yes, yes it is. Traveling around the world is a byproduct of being an international event company. Our global travel also helps us see creative event opportunities to bring back to our clients.


Tell me about your team?

Let us bring you into the loop. We are a mother-son duo with a crew of experts on our team. Triad is a family business, and we work efficiently and synergistically without the office politics. Our approach includes an intergenerational strategy to ensure our clients provide meaningfully and remembered events.


What’s the biggest mistake people make in the industry?

Not giving themselves enough time to plan from a strategic position. Strategic event planning should be thoughtful and success oriented, and this takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your events. If you’re wondering the second biggest mistake, it’s focusing on the tactics because it often feels like the “fun” part of event planning.


How far out should events be planned?

We think the more time allotted, the more strategic a company can be in their planning. Ideally, clients should begin planning for a user conference 10-12 months in advance. If they are looking to attend a large trade show with a vast exhibit space, six months or more is ideal. Clients looking to attend smaller, more regional trade shows can earmark 2-3 months. And for corporate meetings, we encourage companies to begin planning three to four months prior.