Strategic Event and Trade Show Services

What We Do

The types of events we strategically
plan for often include:


Finding Venue(s)

We’ll find the venues, and bring them to you so that you can focus on your business growth.

negotiating venue.png

Negotiating Venue(s)

We’re thorough in our approach so that we find the best for our clients. We can consistently negotiate 10 percent or more off of standard contracts at venues due to our tenure, reputation, and industry connections.

food and beverage.png

Food & Beverage

As an area that is often mismanaged and overlooked in budgets, we help our clients allocate and stretch their dollar to offer at elevated and pleasing experienced within a managed budget.

hotel and trans.png

Hotels & Transport

We provide option recommendations and first-hand experience with hotels and transportation.


A/V & Production

Before the event, we’ll make sure all audio, visual, and production needs are orchestrated and organized flawlessly.


Crafting Packages

For individuals or groups participating in the event, we can create custom packages that are comprehensive and valuable.


Organizing Details

We tie all the loose ends at the event, so the things that could go wrong, don’t.


Registration Programs

The higher response rate for registration the more likely our clients are to achieve their goals. That’s why we build and execute registration programs to help our clients find success.


Managing Finances

Provide us with the number, and we’ll make sure that all the resources are allocated properly and often, under budget.


Tracking ROI

We track the metrics so that the goals our clients set before the event are matched.


Simply put, we elevate every corporate event, meeting, trade show or conference.